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  • Thanks for reading my blog in 2014!

    Some of your are regular readers, who keep up with most posts. Others of you came looking for something specific and stuck around. Or maybe you just stumbled onto the site. Now matter how you arrived, I am glad you are here.

    This blog began as a creative writing exercise. It has evolved (as continues to evolve) into something more than that. You can find various resources here. And I hope you have found them helpful.

    Here are some of the blog highlights from 2014…

    On Preaching

    My New Book: “On Preaching” 

    Building a Preacher’s Library 

    So How Did It Go Sunday? 

    How the Pew Can Help the Pulpit

    Three Keys to Effective Sermon Preparation

    I Will Not Offer the Lord What Costs Me Nothing

    On Whooping

    Pastoral Ministry

    The Pastoral Ministry of shaking Hands 

    The Best Pastor-Member Meeting. Ever! 

    In Praise of Long Pastorates

    Prominence and Significance Are Not the Same Thing

    A Neglected Key to Effective Ministry

    A Strategic Part of Your Ministerial Call


    2014 marked the launch of the The On Preaching Podcast. Click here for podcast episodes. Or subscribe to the podcast view iTunes.

    Shiloh, CISEPC, Tributes, Etc.

    The Making of Shiloh Church of Orange Park


    Thankful for Cutting It Straight 2014 

    A. Louis Patterson Tribute

    Thank God for A. Louis Patterson Jr. 

    Gospel Artists, Please Pick a Side!

    Word & Worship

    This year, Joe Pace and I started a new series of video discussions called Word & Worship. There have been two episodes so far. Stay tuned for more episodes in 2015.

    Worship & Worship (Episode 1) 

    Worship & Worship (Episode 2)


    A. Louis Patterson Jr. Interview

    Mac Brunson Interview 

    Bryan Crawford Loritts Interview 

    Clint Pressley Interview

    Phillip L. Pointer Sr. Interview

    Gary L. Williams Jr. Interview

    Reginald D. Terry Interview

    Chelsi P. Henry Interview

    Cameron Triggs Interview

     Sermon Manuscripts 

    In 2014, I began a sermon manuscript subscription. Each week I email a free and complete sermon manuscript, which represents my attempts to practice faithful Bible exposition. You can sign-up for the list on the top right of this page.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.