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  • Last night, our congregation met at our new location for the first time. Three congregations are going through a transition at the same time in this process – Mt. Sinai, the congregation purchasing our facility, and the congregation whose facilities we are purchasing. And to do our part to accommodate everyone, we have switched our midweek service from Tuesdays to Wednesdays. And we have begun meeting at our new location on Wednesdays. We hope to be fully moved into our new location over the next several months.

    For most of the members who attended last night’s service, it was their first time in the new building. Of course, there was the curiosity factor that I think most of us were going through. I was more nervous than usual. In fact, “panic” may be a better word to describe what I was experiencing. I parked down the street and sat in my car for about ten minutes, trying to get my composure before I went in. As always, the Lord gave me strength as it was needed. And the Lord richly blessed the worship service. It was really a special moment in the life of our church. And I trust that the Lord was glorified. Here is the skeleton of the message that I preached.

    TITLE: Great Expectations for a New Beginning

    TEXT: Psalm 126

    THEME: A Song of Divine Restoration Experienced and Anticipated

    POINT: You can face life’s turning points with confidence that the Lord has done it before and the Lord can do it again.


    I. Look back and consider what the Lord has already done (126:1-3).

    A. The Lord has been good to us (v. 1-2a).

    1. The Lord has turned our dreams into reality (v. 1b).

    2. The Lord has turned our sorrows into joy (v. 2a)

    B. The Lord has done great things for us (vv. 2b-3).

    1. Lost people should acknowledge the great things the Lord has done (v. 2b).

    2. Saved people should acknowledge the great things the Lord has done (v. 3).

    II. Look ahead with confidence that the Lord can do it again. (126:4-6).

    A. God’s sovereign authority is acknowledged in a prayer for help (v. 4).

    1. The petition (v. 4a)

    2. The picture (v. 4b)

    B. Our personal responsibility is acknowledged in the principle of the harvest (vv. 5-6).

    1. Look past the sorrow of sowing (v. 5).

    2. Look forward the success of your sowing (v. 6).


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.