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  • I have had a weird feeling all day long. And I think I am just putting my finger on what it is. It’s midweek – Wednesday – and we are not having Midweek Service at Mt. Sinai. We have “gone dark” for the month of August. And we are to resume our regular schedule at the beginning of September. I intend to continue my exposition of Psalm 119 then. But today there is no service. And it feels downright strange. There are weeks when there is midweek service here and I am not here. But that’s the point. If I am out of town on a Wednesday, I’m on a different schedule. But being in the office on a Wednesday with out Midweek Service, I feel the oddness of this break from the routine.

    There are three meetings on my schedule today. I have been doing administrative work most of the day. And I have just finished two chapters of the books I’m reading this week (for the curious, it’s “Writing for the Soul” by Jerry Jenkins). On a “normal” Wednesday, whatever that is, I would be sweating over my study notes and sermon manuscript. And I would be feeling the pressure of the upcoming service. Today, the time seems to be going at a snail’s pace. But if I had to preach tonight, I would be trying to lasso the hands of the clock to get them to slow down a bit. This is the first week in some time that I have not had to preach between Sundays. I am to give the eulogy at a funeral in the morning. But that is not the same. That will be a 10-15 “meditation,” not an exposition. And, frankly, as good as it feels to be from out from under the grind this week, this midweek with no midweek is reminding me what a joy, privilege, and blessing it is to minister the word of God. Thank God Sunday is coming soon!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.