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  • Peacemakers release tension, they don’t intensify it. Peacemakers seek solutions and find no delight in arguments. Peacemakers calm the waters, they don’t trouble them. Peacemakers work hard to keep an offense from occurring. And if it has occurred, they strive for resolution. Peacemakers lower their voices rather than raise them. Peacemakers generate more light than heat. Blessed are such great-hearted souls! We need more of them in the ranks of faith. We have more than enough fighters, more than enough who are ready to pounce. – Charles Swindoll, Simple Faith, p. 34

    This past Sunday, I continued out series on the beatitudes of Jesus, with a message on the blessed peacemakers who are called the sons of God. Here is the sermon skeleton:

    Title: “Joining the Family Business

    Text: Matthew 5:9

    Theme: he blessedness of being a peacemaker

    Point: God blesses peacemakers.


    I. The Mission of the Peacemakers

        A. What is peace?

           1. Peace is not merely the absence of war, conflict, or hostility.

           2. Peace is “Shalom” (OT) – life, health, wholeness, prosperity, and wellbeing (Num. 6;24-26).

        B. What are peacemakers?

           1. Peacemakers strive to bring peace between God and man (2 Co. 5:16-21)

           2. Peacemakers strive to bring peace between man and man

              * Peace among fellow Christians (Eph. 4:3)

              * Peace for all people (Rom. 12:18)

    II. The Characteristics of the Peacemakers

        A. Peacemaking involves truth-telling (Eph. 4:15).

        B. Peacemaking involves selflessness (James 4:1-2).

        C. Peacemaking involves courage (Matt. 5:10-12, 43-45).

        D. Peacemaking involves forgiveness (Matt. 18:21-35).

    III. The Reward of the Peacemakers

        A. Peacemakers are called

           1. By God himself

           2. By the watching world (Acts 11:28)

        B. Peacemakers are the sons of God

           1. The peacemaker’s nature resembles God.

           2. The peacemaker’s inheritance is from God.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.