Heading into our First Weekend in Jacksonville

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  • Thank you for praying for Crystal and the kids, as they made their way to Jacksonville yesterday. Their flight arrived about an hour late, but it was otherwise uneventful. Praise the Lord!

    Thanks, again, Pastor Letson for helping me round up my clan and get them home.

    It was a little past midnight when we arrived home. We were tired but wired. After looking around, doing some unpacking, and checking up on one another, we finally laid done for sleep sometime past 4 am.

    We were up at 8 am, as the movers returned to empty boxes and finish setting up some things. We unpacked most of the day. But my good friend, the DIRECTV guy, was here to lift my spirits, as he set up our system.

    It was a slow afternoon, full of errands. We dropped by the church, picked up the kids’ school uniforms, got some dinner, and pick up a few groceries. Once home, we got ready for bed and quickly slipped into “getting ready for bed” mode.

    These notes are all uneventful. And I praise God for that. God has helped our first days here in Jacksonville to be pretty smooth and quiet. The kids are handling these major changes well. I am so proud of them. And even though all of this is new for us, and we miss everyone in Los Angeles, God is holding us up and giving us strength. God be praised for his goodness. And thank you for your prayers.

    I am looking forward to my first Sunday as Pastor of Shiloh Church. However, I am very nervous. But I trust the Lord will bless us as we worship his majesty and proclaim his word. Please remember us in your prayers for Sunday.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.