H.B. & Lido’s Excellent Adventure

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  • Our dog Lido and I are on our way to Jacksonville. I will be traveling most of the day and should arrive in Jacksonville this afternoon, God willing. This is Lido’s first trip anywhere, besides the vet. For Trey’s sake, for God’s sake, pray that Lido makes it safely to Jacksonville.

    Tonight, I plan to continue the study of Psalm 119 I began last week’s Midweek Service. The message will cover the second stanza (Beth) of the psalm – verses 9-16. I have labeled the message, “How to Clean Up Your Life.” May the Lord richly bless the worship of the saints and the ministry of the word.

    Tonight will be my first night in our new residence, if the Lord is merciful to me in my travels today. Our possessions made it to Jacksonville this past Saturday, praise God. So I expect to walk into the door to be greeted by a mountain of boxes.

    Crystal and the kids have doctor appointments today, along with some last minute packing to do and errands to run. They are scheduled to travel to Jacksonville tomorrow.

    It is only Wednesday, but I am already wiped out. I am still recovering from this past weekend. And the past several days have been filled with various “last” and “final” experiences. Honestly, I am spent. Yet there is work ahead of me. So I press on. God is faithful. And I am excited about the new assignment God has given to me to serve the Shiloh Church.

    Thanks for your prayers. Don’t stop now!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.