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  • I have two more messages to preach at Bayview Church before I go home. I have preached three so far. Sunday was kind of tough. I really don’t think I “connected” with the congregation in either of the morning services. But I was still blessed to be there. Pastor Winters is such a joy to be around. A for a young pastor to be able to sit with him and watch him lead his congregation is an enriching experience. Sunday evening, Crystal and the kids headed home so that the kids wouldn’t miss school. That was difficult. I didn’t want them to go. Or maybe I should say that I wanted to go home with them. Anyway, I rested a lot yesterday. And the Lord blessed the service last night. I felt a lot more relaxed. And the congregation seemed to be a little more receptive to the message (I mean this in terms of attentiveness.). After the service, Pastor Winters took me to get something to eat. And that hour or so at the table with him was worth the whole trip. Pastor Winters is a godly man, a faithful shepherd, and a humble servant-leader. And he has much wisdom to share. And his pastoral insights were very helpful. I appreciated all the advice he gave me and pray that I will be able to put it into practice. Praise God for Pastor Timothy Winters and the Bayview Baptist Church of San Diego!


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.