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  • Yesterday, I began a four-part series on financial stewardship that I am simply calling, “Giving to God.” I usually do a stewardship series each year. Over the past years, it’s been in the month of May. This year I decided to do it in March. There was no deep rationale behind it, though. There are also several other differences this go-round. First, I am preaching thematic sermons, connecting passages, rather than expositions of a particular passage. Likewise, I am using printed outlines that we are distributing for the congregation to fill in as I am giving the message. Again, there was no deep rationale behind these changes. We just decided to do something different this time. And the congregation seemed to receive the message well yesterday. The message was entitled, “Why should I give to God?” Using selected scriptures I gave for reasons for giving to God:

    1. What I possess, God owns.
    2. What I give, God multiplies.
    3. What I invest, God rewards.
    4. What I need, God supplies.

    There are three more messages in the series:

    3/11 – What should I give to God?
    3/18 – How should I give to God?
    3/25 – What difference does my giving to God make?

    My associate, George Hurtt, will deliver the closing message on March 25. Please pray for the remainder of these messages and that God help us to be more faithful stewards of our financial resources as our minds are renewed by the word of God.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.