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  • I am at the airport in Atlanta, awaiting my flight home. I have been in Georgia the last two days, with Pastor Maurice Watson. His congregation, Beulahland Bible Church (one church, two locations – Macon & Warner Robbins), is in revival this week. And Pastor graciously asked me to bring the message for the Wednesday night service. First of all, Pastor Maurice Watson is one of the best Bible preachers in this country – hands down. And the Lord is doing a great work through him at Beulahland. The Tuesday night service was held at the Warner Robbins location. Last night’s service was held at the Macon location.

    The service last night was rich. The music department of Beulahland Church are a joy to hear, and they really set the atmosphere for preaching. And the congregation of Beulahland is a good house to preach in. The congregation was warm, attentive, and receptive. I took my best shot at preaching. I trust and pray that the Lord was pleased with the message, and that it will bear fruit in the days to come. The meeting ends tonight with another California preacher: Dr. Clayborn Lea. Remember this meeting, Pastor Watson, and the Beulahland Church in your prayers. The church needs more positive examples and faithful preachers like Maurice Watson. May his tribe increase.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.