Cutting It Straight 2019 | Day 3 Recap

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    Thanks for your prayers for Cutting It Straight! 

    Yesterday was the closing day of Cutting It Straight. Gary Williams Jr., a faithful, longtime pastor in Jacksonville started the day by challenging us to stand and fight when things are difficult, rather than giving up.During our final round of workshops, I taught a class on the basic tips for effective sermon delivery. I am not an expert on sermon delivery. But I take the subject seriously. There are three types of preachers: ones you can listen to, ones you cannot listen to, and ones you must listen to. You should strive to be a compelling preach that demands a hearing. I usually do not teach as many classes during this conference. But I had a ball pouring into the brothers.

    Brian Croft gave a message about being faithful and staying the course as you pastor a hard or troubled church. Croft not only bid us to hang in there, but he also explained why it is so important not to give up in the first couple of years of a new pastorate. Excellent message!



    During the evening service, Ligon Duncan preached up a storm, as my dad would say, from 2 Samuel 7. I gave the closing message from Mark 6:7-13.

    I am grateful for the elders and members of the Shiloh Church, for sharing my vision for Cutting It Straight. And for the Shiloh staff for leading the conference. I am also thankful for all of our speakers who served us well. Our sponsors and vendors are ministry partners that make our conference possible, for which I am grateful.

    The volunteers of Shiloh Church are the stars of the conference. More than 150 volunteers, many who took off work, serve our guests with Christian hospitality. I love my church!

    Thank you for attending! I know there are a lot of conferences to choose from these days. And I know it is a sacrifice for many who come. You honor us by your presence. And I pray we honored the trust you placed in us.

    Again, thank you for your prayers. It happens after prayer!

    Consider joining us for Cutting It Straight, September 15-17, 2020.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.