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  • A Guest Post By Joshua Eggerson.

    I believe that the state of our youth ministries to a great degree shows a picture of the future of our churches. Additionally, statistics are increasingly showing that Millennials, those born between 1980-2005, are the most “unchurched” generation in American History and with that the most biblically illiterate. It is the task of youth pastors to present the Gospel to a generation of sceptics and relativists who see Jesus as one of many spiritual options. To combat this, the church doesn’t need “cooler youth ministry” but rather we need capable, competent and qualified men to stand consistently and present the Gospel faithfully to our young people so that those who are far from God will be drawn into relationship with Him and grow into mature disciples. It is my conviction that this is the only way that we can “turn the tide” on the growing secularism that is being reinforced in the minds of our young people everywhere they turn. Brothers, we must: CUT IT STRAIGHT!


    This is why I’m so excited about this year’s conference! Every track, from Preaching to Worship, is designed to help us engage in the clear proclamation of God’s truth as given to us in His Word and the Youth Track is no different. This year we have Cameron Triggs, Pastor of Grace Alive Church in Orlando, Florida and son of The Shiloh Church, returning to bless us. Cam is a pastor and gifted expositor in his own right and is a consummate youth ministry expert. He will speak to you about the challenges of starting a youth ministry from scratch, allow us to learn from his successes and his mistakes and encourage you to keep your hand to plow amid all the challenges youth ministry offers. A newcomer to the conference is Jon Nielson, of Chicago, Illinois. Jon is the new Senior Pastor of Spring Valley Presbyterian Church, a great communicator of the Gospel and longtime youth pastor. I was first introduced to Jon through a blog he wrote for The Gospel Coalition two years ago entitled, “Your Students can handle Expository Preaching” What I didn’t know when I read the blog was Jon’s longstanding commitment to biblical exposition and the extensive success that Jon has had teaching students in this way. We are honored to have him with us at this year’s conference.   

    Last but not least, we have Robert Purvey who serves as the associate pastor of high school and young adults at the Antioch Fellowship Church of Dallas, Texas. Robert is a dynamic preacher of God’s word, an author and he has a heart to see youth walk closely with Jesus. Robert will be speaking to us about how to create a relevant youth ministry that also works cooperatively with the vision of the Senior Pastor to build up the body life of the entire church. Robert’s insights will help you learn to carry out your assignment as youth pastors while keeping in step with the vision and direction of the leadership of the church in which you serve.

    I’m so excited about what God is going to do at this year’s conference. I pray that you will attend and bring your team so that you all can be educated, empowered and BLESSED by the teaching, preaching and worship that will take place at Cutting It Straight.




    To register or for more information about the conference visit:


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.