Arthur Jackson III Speaking at Wednesdays in the Word tonight at Shiloh

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  • Arthur Jackson III Speaking at Wednesdays in the Word tonight at Shiloh
  • Wednesdays in the Word continues at the Shiloh MetropolitanBaptist Church of Jacksonville tonight at 7 PM.

    We have been richly blessed the past two weeks by MarcusCosby of the Wheeler Avenue Church (Houston) and Kerwin Lee of Berean ChristianChurch (Lithonia, GA).
    Pastor Terry K. Anderson of the Lilygrove Baptist Churchin Houston was scheduled to be our guest speaker tonight. However, he will notbe able to attend. We are praying for Pastor Anderson’s full recovery. And welook forward to him ministering to us some time down the road.
    But there is a ram in the bush!
    Pastor Arthur Jackson, Senior-Pastor of the AntiochMissionary Baptist Church in Miami has graciously consented to pinch-hit for ustonight. Pastor Jackson is a faithful preacher and strong leader through whomthe Lord is making disciples in Miami and beyond.
    You do not want to miss this special time of worshiptonight.
    Dinner will be available at 5:30 PM. Our pastors will bein the main auditorium to pray for any personal needs at 6:30 PM. Servicebegins at 7 PM.
    If you live in the Jacksonville area – and you do nothave a church home or your church does not have a previously scheduled meeting –please join us for worship tonight.
    You can also catch the service through or
    Please forgive the delay in the live feed last week. Theissue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience.
    We covet your prayers for tonight’s service.
     May the Lord beglorified in all that takes place!

    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.