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  • Last night, Anthony Kidd, who pastors the Westside Bible Church, ministered the word in our Wednesday Night Midweek Service. Over the past year, Pastor Kidd and I met and began a new friendship. And I have developed a great deal of respect and admiration for him in the short time we have known one another. Likewise, Westside Church meets at the school a few blocks away from our new location. So it was important to me that we quickly establish a fellowship between our two congregations, especially with both congregations being like-minded evangelicals.

    Pastor Kidd brought a message on James 1:21-25. The message emphasized the importance of heart preparation before you hear the word, a sense of expectation as you hear the word, and personal obedience after you have heard the word. It was a challenging word and an important message for our congregation to hear, including me. Sometimes, Bible preaching/teaching churches think more of themselves than they should because they are committed to the scriptures. And they even look down on other congregations that do not place a premium on Bible exposition. But just because the pulpit preaches the Bible does not necessarily mean that the church is a biblical church. There are other factors to consider. What is our heart disposition when we gather to hear the word? Do we listen to the word with faith, expecting it to make a difference in our lives? What do we do with what we hear? Pastor Kidd confronted us with these vital questions. And I pray that our congregation will be the better as we wrestle with these vital spiritual matters.

    Please remember Anthony Kidd and the Westside Bible Church in your prayers. They are doing a great work for the Lord. May the Lord grant that they would be even more faithful and fruitful in their devotion to God and service for Christ.

    May MSMBC be a church that humbly prepares to hear the word, joyfully receives the proclamation of the word, and diligently lives out the life of the teachings of our faith, so that we may be blessed and God may be glorified.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.