An Unusually Busy Weekend

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  • This will be an unusually busy weekend for me. I will have to teach or preach seven times over the course of the weekend. Please remember me in your prayers

    Today at 11 AM I am to give the eulogy in the funeral service for Roosevelt Wideman, a longtime and devoted member of MSMBC

    Tonight at 7 PM I am to close out the Spiritual Emphasis Conference at the Judson Baptist Church in Carson, where Dr. Johnny Baylor is the pastor.

    In the morning at 11 AM I am to give the eulogy in the funeral service for Joe Bennett, another longtime and devoted member of MSMBC.

    Tomorrow evening at 5 PM I am to bring the message in the California Baptist State Laymen’s Men’s Conference. That service will be held at Pilgrim Baptist Church here in L.A., where Dr. Albert Nicholas is the pastor.

    During our Sunday morning services, I am to conclude my two-part series on prayer with a message on Luke 18:1-8, entitled, “God is not a Crooked Judge.”

    Note: My small-group will not be meeting this Sunday.

    And Sunday afternoon, I am to speak at New Life Christian Fellowship, for the pastoral anniversary of my boyhood friend, Barry Wilson.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.