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  • This past weekend, I published my 100th post on this blog. Happy anniversary hblogcharlesjr!!! I don’t think this has any deep significance or anything like that. In fact, I only noticed it in passing as I was signing on to the “dashboard” of my blog. But if TV shows can throw a big party after 100 episodes, I can at least note the fact that I have been at this for 100 posts. My first post was on August 15, last year. I simply called it, “I’m a Blogger Now!” It was really just a test post to see if I really know how to work the site. And here we are, seven months and 100 posts later.

    Why did you start this blog? I had been reading and reading about blogs for time. I was first introduced to the term during some of the hotly-contested political battles of the past years. These so-called “bloggers” were being given credit for influencing elections, policies, and opinions by the things they wrote in their blogs. So I started checking some of them out. They seemed to me to be mostly written by people who wanted to be journalist, but couldn’t get their foot in the door in mainstream publishing. Then, blogs suddenly began to pop up everywhere. And they were being written by all kinds of people on various different subjects. The first pastor with a blog that caught my attention was Dr. Ray Pritchard. He would write on all kinds of subjects, from updates on the life of his church to how many miles he rode on his bicycle to a new fast food joint he had found. I immediately became hooked, and began to check his site daily to keep up with him. But I never thought that I would or could do something like that. But one day I was a reading a magazine article about blogs and how to set them up. This blogger site was mentioned. So I checked it out. It seemed pretty easy to do. So I decided to get it a try. And I have been going at it since then.

    What do you expect to accomplish with this blog? At this point, I just kind of write what I write when I write it. I can tell you that, initially, I had no thought that I would be writing about such personal things. I thought I would write articles and comment on current events. I didn’t expect to be talking about why personal, family, and work. But at some point, my writing really does become a “online diary,” of sorts. Now, I would like to make sure that I write on some serious subject each week. I also want to respond to more biblical questions and doctrinal issues, at times.

    specifically, I hope to this blog does two basic things. First, I hope that it will sharpen my writing skills. I don’t know if that’s actually happening. But I do know that writing these posts have made me more comfortable with writing and crafting my ideas into words. That’s a good thing. I’m a frustrated writer trying to break free. This blog is helping me to slowly chisel my way out. Likewise, I want my posts to encourage someone. And I believe that this blogs does that. But in many unexpected ways. There are many people who comment about something I have written that has been helpful to them in some specific way. And, usually, I’m surprised. Sometimes they have been encouraged by a post where I was just kind of venting about something. But praise God that the Lord is using my thoughts to help or encourage someone. I pray that this continues and increases.

    What do your family and friends think about your blog? I don’t know. I don’t think my wife regularly keeps up with my blog. Occasionally, she will mention something that she read. But that’s not often. Sometimes, I am talking to friends and they are talking to me about something that has happened in my life. And while they are talking to me, I am wondering, “How did he know that?” Often, it takes me a minute to figure out that they read something I wrong on this blog. So I have some friends who keep up with me through this blog. In fact, some complain that reading my blog is sometimes the only way to catch up with me. That’s sad, but true. I am quite a reclusive, who spends most of my time in study during the day, and with my family during the evening, as much as possible. I am not sure what my church leaders and members think of the site. I don’t know how many of them read it. I don’t think I have publicly made mention of it in any of our corporate settings. And I only occasionally get personal comments about it. I think the jury is still out. I’m not sure. One thing I can say with absolute certainty. My dog, Lido, totally agrees with everything I write on this blog!

    Do you read the comments? Absolutely. I have a link to my personal email that alerts me every time comment is posted to my site. I have a “smartphone” that enables me to check my emails wherever I am. And I most often read the comments on my phone, when I am not able to respond to them. And by the time I get back to my computer, I simply forget. But please feel free to comment. There are some days I do not write anything. Sometimes it’s because I’m busy. But more often it’s because I don’t have anything that comes to mind to write about. Really, my life is not that interesting to be detailing much of what goes on with me. I am a rather simple man. I have a pretty quiet home life. And much of my ministry work is nothing spectacular. It’s the normal church work of any other pastor-teacher. So feel free to comment with your questions, opinions, or other thoughts. We may be able to get a conversation going. That would be cool. I would love to hear from you. And, by the way, thanks for reading.


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.