Addressing Disappointment with God

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  • My message yesterday addressed the subject of “disappointment with God.” I first began to think about this subject years ago when I read Phil Yancey’s excellent book by the same name. This is also what I called the message I preached yesterday on Matthew 11:2-6, where an imprisoned John the Baptist asks the Lord Jesus if he is really the one who is to come. This passage was heavy on my heart to preach all last week. And I couldn’t wait to get to the pulpit to preach it. I just knew that the Lord would have people here who really needed a message like this. And he did. Praise God! Here is the sermon skeleton on yesterday’s message:

    Title: “Disappointment with God

    Text: Matthew 11:2-6

    Theme: Disappointment with God

    Point: Your spiritual disappointment can become blessed assurance if you continue to trust the Lord when you don’t understand him.


    I. The Reality of Spiritual Disappointment

    II. The Reasons for Spiritual Disappointment

    A. Spiritual disappointment happens when God does not meet your personal expectations.

    B. Spiritual disappointment happens when God does not meet your theological expectations.

    III. The Response to Spiritual Disappointment (11:4-5)

    A. John’s response: He took his questions to Jesus (vv. 2-3)

    B. Jesus response:

    1. Jesus did not get angry with John.

    2. Jesus did not deliver John.

    3. Jesus did not give John a direct answer to his question.

    4. Jesus pointed John to the word of God (v. 5)

    IV. The Remedy for Spiritual Disappointment (11:6)


    H.B. Charles Jr.

    Pastor-Teacher at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida.